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Welcome to our land.
The land of MARERRA.

The land that travels us
The land that gives birth
The land that breathes
The land that inspires us to create little works of... taste.

Marerra olives spread cup
marerra cerignola olives
marerra cerignola olives
marerra olives spread sachet
Marerra olives spread cup
Premium Greek Olives
Marerra glass jar olive products

Our Premium Products

Kalamata whole
Kalamata olives whole marerra
Green whole
Green olives whole marerra
Black Whole
Marerra black natural olive

Kalamata Pitted
Premium Kalamata olives pitted
Green Pitted
Premium green olives pitted
Mixed Pitted
Premium mix Kalamata & green olives pitted

Stuffed with Almond
Premium green olives stuffed with almond
Stuffed with pepper
Premium green olives stuffed with pepper
Stuffed with Garlic
Premium green olives stuffed with garlic

Kalamata & Green Pitted Marinated
Green Pitted Marinated
Kalamata spread marerra
Green Grilled Pitted marinated
Green spread marerra

Red Cerignola
Premium cerignola red olive
Green Cerignola
Premium cerignola green olive
Green Nocellara
Premium Nocellara olive

Black Sliced
Premium black sliced olives
Green Sliced
Premium green sliced olives
Mixed Bruschetta
Premium bruschetta greek olives

Kalamata Spread
Premium kalamata olive spread
Green Spread
Premium green olive spread

Mayonnaise & olives
Premium mayonnaise sauce with real olives
Peppers & Olives
Premium olives and pepper dip chatney
Sweet Onion & Olives
Premium olives and onion dip chatney
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Premium Greek Olives.

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